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Live Chat counselling

Chat counselling lets you connect one-on-one, real time, with a Kids Help Phone counsellor, on the web or from a smartphone.

Chats are for young people up to age 20.

How it works


Click “Chat with a counsellor online” below. If chat is open, you’ll be asked to fill out a short survey and then you’ll be entered into a lineup to wait for a counsellor.


A pop-up window will let you know where you are in the lineup. If you are on your desktop computer it’s OK to surf other pages while you’re waiting to chat, but keep an eye on the chat window. If you are on a mobile device, please refrain from navigating away from the chat window – doing so will end your chat session.


When it’s your turn to chat, you’ll see a message from the counsellor in the chat window. You will need to respond to the counsellor within 1 minute in order to keep your session.


Chat with a counsellor online

The Kids Help Phone Promise

Our chats are anonymous and confidential. Learn more about The Kids Help Phone Promise.


It says Live Chat is closed, why?

  • On occasion chat will undergo scheduled maintenance and during this time chat will need to closed. A notice will be placed on the homepage if we are undergoing maintenance.
  • If chat is not open during the times mentioned above, and there isn’t notice about chat undergoing maintenance, please let us know – fill out the Technical Issues Survey

Why are there such long waits for Live Chat?

  • We’re sorry you’re experiencing a long wait while using Live Chat – we know that’s frustrating!
  • We have as many professional counsellors as possible working on Live Chat- the demand for the service is very high. As we continue to grow our service, and obtain more funding, we’ll be able to increase the number of counsellors we have available to chat with you.
  • Individual chat sessions can last between 10 min and 45 min. This can result in longer wait times on occasion.

I was disconnected from chat and I don't know why. What happened?

Because our chat is completely anonymous, it works differently than other chat apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook chat, etc.), that can save conversations and keep your chat open if/when you open a new app on your phone.  Please read the following on how to prevent disconnections. 

If you’ve been disconnected from a counsellor during a Live Chat, we are very sorry. There are a few reasons why this might occur:

  • The internet connection you are using may have been lost.
  • You refreshed the chat window or hit the back button by mistake
  • You are using a mobile device and one of the following occurs: you receive an incoming call or text; the activation of sleep mode; or a different web page is accessed during the session.
  • Kids Help Phone experiences an unexpected issue with its server.

If you don’t believe that any the reasons above caused your disconnection, we would like to hear from you, please fill out the Technical Issues Survey and let us know what happened and when it happened. Reporting the problem to us will help us figure out how fix it.

I’m in Canada, but when I try to access Live Chat it says I can’t use the service because I’m not in Canada.

There are a few reasons why this might be occurring: 

  • you're using your cell phone near the Canadian/US border
  • you're using an American ISP (like AOL, etc.)
  • you're using an IP forwarding service that grants you access to American websites

If none of the reasons above pertain to your situation please fill out the Technical Issues Survey. These answers will help us figure out the issue.

What do you do with the information you receive from someone in a chat sessions?

  • Learn how we use this information, here.

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