Your Space

Feeling down? Feeling great? Have something to get off your chest? Your Space is your place to get it out in the open. If you don't feel like sharing right now, try one of our tools, like Self Quest, or learn about Internet safety on the Danger Drive. You can also put yourself to the test in No Signal.

What could happen if you are sent, or are asked to send, a sext?  You choose how the story goes




  • Danger Drive
    Beat the course.
  • No Signal
    Make the right choices in this game about real life.
  • Pic'd
    Choose your own story: a decision game about sexting.
  • True Colours
    Put your knowledge of gender identity, sexual orientation, and body image to the test.
  • Wheel Rounded
    Collect tips for a balanced life.


  • On the Turn
    A young woman learns how to gamble at school and how this negatively affects her life.
  • Stargazer, Vol 1
    A young girl who's dealing with the death of her grandmother finds a surreal world containing robots and monsters.
  • Stargazer, Vol 2
    Continued adventures with Mami, Elora and Sophie.


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