Your Space

Feeling down? Feeling great? Have something to get off your chest? Your Space is your place to get it out in the open. If you don't feel like sharing right now, try one of our tools, like Self Quest, or learn about Internet safety on the Danger Drive. You can also put yourself to the test in No Signal.

Express Yourself

This is your place to let it out! Write a letter, share a story, or tell us what’s rocking your world. Just remember that our counsellors don’t respond to the posts in this section, so if you want a reply, go to Ask Us Online.

My Story

Funny, weird, and sad things happen to us all of the time. This is a space for you to share it. So go ahead and get it off your chest!

Life Rocks!

What makes you smile? What makes you feel good about yourself? This is your place to share all of the great things that are happening in your life. Read what’s rocking other teens’ lives, or post your own entry here.

Letters Written Never Sent

Do you ever want to tell someone how you feel, but can’t? Writing a letter can help, even if you never send it. Not sure where to start? Try reading some of the letters here.

Games and Tools

Coming Out Stories
Letter Builder Thumbnail Image

Self Quest

Life can be hard, but you're not alone.

Letter Builder Thumbnail Image

Letter Builder

Have something to get off your chest? Write a letter.

Wheel Rounded Thumbnail Image

Wheel Rounded

Collect tips for a balanced life.

True Colours

True Colours

Put your knowledge of gender identity, sexual orientation, and body image to the test.

Eating Disorder Letter Builder

Write a letter to your Eating Disorder


My Guided Journal

My Guided Journal

Relax, write and reflect.

Peace Garden

Peace Garden

Relax and reflect.

Worry Rockets

Launch your worries away.

Make the right choices in this game about real life.

Beat the course.

Calm down using this breathing exercise.

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