Test-taking tips

I know all the stuff we learned, but as soon as I sit down to write the test, it just seems to vanish!

So you’ve prepared for your test and know the subject as well as you can. But what happens when you sit down to write? Knowing a few test-taking tips will help you make sure that all that studying pays off in the classroom.

Tips for test day

Be on time

Try to arrive at least five minutes before the test so you don’t feel rushed and can go into the test relaxed.

Come prepared

Bring any materials that you need for the test, such as pencils, pens, a calculator, erasers, etc. It’s a good idea to bring at least 2 pencils or pens.

Take a deep breath

Do your best to stay relaxed and calm. You’ve studied hard and you’re just here to do your best.

Put your first and last name on the test

You might be surprised how many students forget this part!

Read it over

When you get the test, read through the questions. This will help you manage your time.

Read the instructions carefully

Try to do what each question asks. You don’t have to write any more than you are asked.

Move on

If you don’t know the answer to a question, circle it so you know to come back to it later, and move onto the next question. This way you are sure to answer what you do know and get the most points for those questions.

Manage your time

Spend more time on questions that are worth more marks. A question worth five marks is worth spending more time on than a question worth one mark.

Multiple choice

With multiple choice questions, try to think of the answer before looking at the choices. When you review the choices, cross off any that are clearly wrong. Then choose the best remaining answer.

When you finish the test, read it over before you hand it in. If you have extra time, review your answers to see if there’s anything you missed or would like to add. It’s a good idea to double-check your spelling at this point, too.

Put it in perspective

When the test is over, try not to dwell on it. Try to remember that a test is just a test, and it’s only one test out of many. If you don’t get the grade you want, there’s always next time. Treat yourself to some fun and remind yourself that you did your best.

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