A Very Touching Book for Little People and Big People

By Jan Hindman
52 pages, Alexandria Associates

This colourful book explains the difference between good touching and bad touching.

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It’s My Body: A Book to Teach Young Children How to Resist Uncomfortable Touch

By Linda Freeman
32 pages, Parenting Press

This book teaches kids how to say no to bad touching.

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My Body is Private

By Linda Girard
32 pages, Albert Whitman & Co.

This book shows a conversation between a mother and daughter about keeping your body safe.

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Please Tell! A Child’s Story About Sexual Abuse

By Jessie Ottenweller
32 pages, Hazelden Press

Jessie is nine years old. She was sexually abused by a family member when she was younger. She explains why it’s important to tell someone, and what happens after you tell.

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Telling Isn’t Tattling

By Kathyrn M. Hammerseng
32 pages, Parenting Press, Ages 8-under

Telling isn’t the same as tattling. This book explains when it’s okay to tell someone about things that happen to you.

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The Right Touch: A Read-Aloud Story to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

By Sandy Kleven
32 pages, Illumination Arts

This book explains good touching and bad touching, how they feel, and how to say no to bad touching.

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The Trouble with Secrets

By Karen Johnsen
32 pages, Parenting Press

When should you keep something a secret? When should you tell? This book teaches you how to tell the difference.

Uncle Willy’s Tickles : A Child’s Right to Say No

By Marcie Aboff
32 pages, Magination Press, Ages 8-under

Kyle loves Uncle Willy, but he doesn’t like his tickles. Kyle learns how to tell his mom what is happening. He also learns to tell Uncle Willy how he wants to be touched.

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Your Body Belongs to You

By Cornelia Spelman
24 pages, Albert C. Whitman, Ages 8+

This book explains why it is important to say no when touching makes you feel uncomfortable.

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