I've seen bullying

People who see bullying are called bystanders.

Bystanders can help make the bullying stop, but often feel afraid or don’t know what to do. When you see bullying, remember that you have a chance to help somebody.

Do something

  • Be a friend to kids who are bullied.
  • Walk away. Staying and watching tells the person doing the bullying that it’s okay.
  • Ask an adult for help.
  • Ask kids who are bullied to leave the situation with you. Invite them to play somewhere else.

You can help!

Small things (like being nice to someone who is being bullied or telling a teacher when you see bullying) can make a big difference.

What will you do the next time
you see bullying?

Speak up

  • Talk to someone who can help, like a parent, a teacher, a guidance counsellor, a school principal, elder or community leader, or any adult you trust.
  • Encourage the person who’s getting bullied to talk to someone who can help. You can also pass on the Kids Help Phone number:

Why me?

  • You have the power to help stop bullying.
  • Choosing to do something means being a good friend.
  • Getting help means that you are part of the solution.


  • Telling is not tattling. Tattling is what you do to get someone into trouble.
    Telling is what you do to get someone out of trouble.
  • Fighting makes things worse. You’ll help more if you use your words
    and not your fists.
  • You can help to make your school a safer place by doing your part to stop bullying.

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