They used to just bug me at school, but now they send mean texts at home.

Did you know?

70% of Kids Help Phone users said
they have been bullied online

What's cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is when someone uses technology (cell phones, online games, websites) to hurt or embarrass someone else on purpose.

Here are some examples:

  • Sending mean texts or IMs
  • Pranking someone’s cell phone
  • Hacking into someone’s gaming or social networking profile
  • Being rude or mean to someone in an online game
  • Spreading secrets or rumours about people online
  • Pretending to be someone else to spread hurtful messages online

Cyberbullying is never okay.
No one deserves to be cyberbullied.

What makes cyberbullying different than other types of bullying?

  • It’s easy for people to hide who they are online, so you might not know who is bothering you.
  • It’s harder to get away from cyberbullying – it can happen anytime you have your phone or are at your computer.
  • It’s easier for kids to be mean when they can’t see the hurt they are causing.

How to protect yourself
from cyberbullying

  • Keep your passwords private, even from your friends.
  • Use a nickname that’s different from your real name.
  • Don’t accept friend invites from strangers.
  • Set up your profile to make sure that only friends can see it.

Learn more about internet safety.

I’m being cyberbullied. What should I do?


You might feel like being mean back, but it’s better not to. Take a deep breath and count to ten.


If it’s a text or email don’t delete it. If you’re on a gaming or social site, take a screen shot. Having a copy of it will help you prove what has happened.


It’s important to tell someone you trust what’s happening. Report online abuse to the site. If your safety is being threatened, get an adult to help you contact the police.


Block the person who is bullying you (you can get an adult or an older sibling to help you if you don’t know how). Click here for more tips on blocking senders.

Remember: It’s not your fault.
You don’t deserve to be cyberbullied. You have the right to be safe.

Have you seen cyberbullying?

  • If you see cyberbullying, tell someone!
  • If you know someone who is being cyberbullied, show them this page!

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