Alley Oops

By Janice Levy
Flashlight Press, 2005, 32 pages, Grades K-3

J.J. Jax is a boy who likes to tease his schoolmate, Patrick. But the teasing goes too far, and Patrick starts to feel afraid to go to school. After J.J. and his dad have a talk, J.J. feels badly about his bullying. He goes to visit Patrick. The boys see that they like to do some of the same things, like arm-wrestling! They become fast friends.

Amelia Takes Command

By Marissa Moss
Pleasant Company Publications, 1998, 40 pages, Grades 3-5

Amelia’s first day of Grade 5 is far from fun when she is bullied at school. She deals with her feeling by writing and drawing in her journal. An adventure at Space Camp helps her to have the courage to face the bullying at school.

Attack of the Killer Fishsticks

By Paul Zindel
Skylark, 1993, 117 pages, Grades 3-5

Four friends band together to help a new kid deal with bullying at school.


By Margaret Wild
Scholastic, 1995, 112 pages, Grades 4-7

Jamie doesn’t have it easy. For starters, there’s the beast that lives outside his bedroom at night. Then there’s the bullying he has to deal with at school every day. One night, Jamie learns why some kids bully. This gives him the courage to face his problems at home and at school.


By Judy Blume
Bantam Doubleday, 1976, 153 pages, Grades 4-6

When the most popular girl at school starts to bully Linda Fischer, Jill must decide what to do. Will she join in with the bullying or stick up for Linda? She discovers how she wants to treat others when she becomes a target.


By Jerry Spinelli
Alfred A. Knopf, 1997, 176 pages, Grades 4-8

Crash Coogan thinks it’s fun to bully Penn Ward until his life shatters when his grandfather becomes ill. Crash is forced to look inside himself and figure out why he enjoys bullying others. He finally realizes that Penn makes a better friend than an enemy.

Holly’s Secret

By Nancy Garden
Farrar, Straus, & Girous, 2000, 144 pages, Grades 3-6

Holly is afraid she will be fun of for having two moms, so she keeps it a secret. When the other kids learn about her parents, she is surprised that not everyone teases her. Instead, she finds out who her real friends are.

Jake Drake, Bully Buster

By Andrew Clements
Simon & Schuster, 2001, 80 pages, Grades 2-4

Jake Drake is no stranger to bullying. When faced with a new challenge at school, he must look at how he dealt with bullying in his past and how he can change his life now.

Joshua T. Bates Takes Charge

By Susan Shreve
Alfred A. Knopf, 1993, 112 pages, Grades 3-6

It’s hard to know what to do when you are a bystander to bullying. Joshua knows how it feels to be a target. So what should he do? Should he speak out or let it happen to someone else?

Junebug and the Reverend

By Alice Mead
Farrar, Straus, & Giroux Books, 1998, 186 pages, Grades 3-6

Junebug doesn’t know what to do. He’s the new kid at school, he hardly ever sees his mother, and now he has to walk to school with Reverend Ashford. By the end of the story, Junebug learns how to make the best of his situation.

My Brother Bernadette

By Jacqueline Wilson
Crabtree Publishing Company, 2002, 48 pages, Grades 2-4

Bernard isn’t sure if he’s going to like summer camp, especially when one of the kids nicknames him Bernadette. Bernard overcomes bullying in sewing class, where he discovers a hidden talent for design. When Bernard makes the costumes for the end-of-camp play, he shows that he’s not afraid to shine even in the face of bullying.

Nothing Wrong with a Three-Legged Dog

By Graham McNamee
Dell Yearling, 2000, 134 pages, Grades 4-6

Keath and Lynda don’t know what to do when they face racial bullying at school. With the help of Lynda’s beagle, Leftovers, Together, they learn why sometimes it’s good to stand out.

The Angel of Nitshill Road

By Anne Fine
Methuen, Grades 2-5

When bullying becomes a problem at school, an angel appears and teaches the kids how to treat each other.

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There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom

By Louis Sachar
Alfred A. Knopf, Grades 3-6

All of the kids at school think that Bradley Chalkers has a bullying problem. Why else would he say things like “Give me a dollar or I’ll spit on you”? When a new school counsellor arrives, she sees Bradley as a sensitive, generous kid. She believes he can change—but can he?

no book cover

Yang the Third and Her Impossible Family

By Lensey Namioka
Yearling, Grades 3-4

Yingmei Yang has decided to be “Mary” now that she has moved to America. It isn’t easy pretending to be someone else though, especially when her parents follow traditional Chinese customs.

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