I've bullied

If you’re on this page, it means that you’ve been thinking
about how you treat other kids. That’s very brave!

I know it's wrong to make fun, but at least they're not laughing at me.

Do you think you might be bullying others? Maybe you’d like to stop? If so, we can help! Congratulations on trying to make this positive change.

Do something

  • Is something bothering you? Talking to an adult might help you feel better. Together, you can work on ways to get along better with other kids.
  • Set goals. Take it one step at a time. Try saying to yourself: “Today I’m going to try extra hard to be nice to other kids.”
  • Use your energy in other ways. Play sports or try another activity.
  • Stay away from other kids who pressure you to bully.
  • Tell the kids you’ve bullied that you’re sorry. If it’s too hard to say, you can write them a note.

Keep thinking about it

  • You don’t have to like everyone, but you have to treat everyone with respect.
  • Everyone is different. Different doesn’t mean bad or good. Just because someone is different doesn’t mean it’s okay to bully or tease them.
  • If other kids watch and laugh, it doesn’t mean they like it when you bully.
  • Saying no to bullying means staying out of trouble.
  • Think about how it feels to be picked on, beaten up, or left out. How would you feel if you were treated that way?

Say no to drama!

Sometimes kids do or say things that are hurtful as a way of getting back at someone who has hurt them. People who bully others have often been bullied themselves. Wanting to get back at someone is natural, but it mostly makes things worse. Instead of hurting or being rude back, try taking a deep breath and walking away.

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