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We want to let you know that the Ask Us Online service will be closing on December 30, 2015. We wanted to tell you now so that you can think about how you can reach us as of December 31, 2015.

Remember our counsellors will still be available by phone, 24/7, and our Live Chat service runs Wednesday to Sunday, 6pm to 2am EST.

For more information on why we are closing Ask Us Online,
see our closure FAQ.

We understand that talking about your problems can be tough. Sometimes, it’s easier to write about what’s bugging you. Ask Us Online is your place to write to a counsellor and get an answer.

Posts are usually answered in 3-4 days. If you need help right away, call us at 1-800-668-6868.

How do I Login?

Click on the Login button at the top of the page, or click here

How do I post?

Choose a Topic

Look for the topic that’s best for you.  If you’ve never posted, you will have to create a profile first. If you’ve already created a profile, login with your username and password.

Fill us in

Next, you’ll be asked to tell us your age, gender, and the province you live in. We ask for these details is so the counsellor can give you the best information possible. Don’t worry, this information won’t be shared with anyone.


Tell us what’s on your mind and be sure to log out.


Swearing, graphic details about personal experiences, personal information (like the names of your friends or school) will be taken out of posts.

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Give it some time

It will take us 3-4 days to answer your post. If you need to speak to someone right away, give us a call: 

Check in

Come back in a few days to read the counsellor’s answer. Look for your post either by the title of your post, or your username.

If you have feedback on the service you have received from Kids Help Phone please call us at 1 800 668 6868 and speak with one of our counsellors, or submit your feedback within an Ask Us Online post. Please make sure to include “Service Feedback” in the subject line.

*Our Promise

We are here to help you, not get you into trouble.

When you call us, you don't have to tell us your name, address, or phone number.
The counsellors who respond to the posts really seem to care.
“Forum” might be a word that’s new to you.

The KHP forums are
where you can write to
a counsellor and get a
professional answer.

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